How to setup VPN on Android

You use the Android vpn client
You can download App at Android Industry
You can get a VPN service from .

Or apk right Obtain
1.Open “All apps” on your own Android and choose”Options”.

2.Click on ” Instant & sites “.

3.Click on ” VPN settings “.

4.Click on “Include PPTP VPN”.

5.Click on ” Include “.

6.Now enter “vpntraffic” as being a “VPN title”. Subsequently enter the VPN server address being a “Collection VPN server” and permit a “Help encryption”. Save settings by pressing a “Menu” option (Equipment key in your device) and select “Save”

VPN configurations that are 7.Your is currently ready. Click on your new VPN connection “”.

8.Enter your VPNtraffic Account specifics – your vpn account as username and Password.

When you click “Join” , your VPN is created. Check out this sickness in China: china blocks vpns

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