Remove a Trojan – A Detailed Support Guide

Trojan virus, as the name suggests is a malicious computer program made to infect a PC by altering its desktop computer or removing the significant data files. Generally, Trojan viruses are embedded in free antivirus software variants which can be circulated via peer to peer (P2P) networks like torrents etc.

* The PC abruptly slows down
* The PC will not shut down or takes more than usual to shutdown
* The PC restarts itself and continues exactly the same in a loop
* The desktop computer settings change automatically
* Lost data files or software
* Sudden error messages etc.

Doesn’t Antivirus Help?

Antivirus software CAn’t identify a Trojan virus until it’s completely set up on the computer including most of the upgrades entirely downloaded. As a result, when you’ve got accidently clicked on a Trojan virus software, there isn’t any escape until it completely enters your computer.

Manual Processes

* Disable the ‘System Restore’ attribute by simply clicking on the ‘Start’ button
* Place a checkmark in the ‘Turn Off System Restore’ carton
* Upgrade your antivirus software with latest security definitions or download them manually from its web site
* Run a scan to find and eliminate the malicious Trojan virus files
* you can even write down Trojan virus files’ connected path along with names. They’re generally discovered in the PC’s ‘C:’ drive, which will be the hard disk to save important data sets.
* Edit the PC’s back-up registry entry by going into ‘Start’ menu, clicking on ‘Run’
* From the list, learn the registry entry which is linked to the Trojan virus files. Such files could have prefix as ‘HKEY’ using the file path. Pick the registry entry and remove it so that you can make sure that the Trojan virus file is completely removed.
* Close the registry entry list and restart the PC so that you can help make the changes powerful
* Reboot your Computer, press and hold the ‘Shift’ Key on the keyboard while it’s restarting
* Open your antivirus software, which can be installed in your PC
* When the window appears, visit the ‘Disk View’ and choose your PC
* Select ‘Scan/Repair’ to allow the antivirus find and eliminate the Trojan virus
* Restart the PC to ensure the specific malware was removed.
* Keep your antivirus updated with latest security definitions; you may also manually download latest definitions out of your antivirus’ web site.

For added security, it is possible to clean cookies, internet cache, web history, download history, and session etc. All these processes are successfully analyzed systems and therefore should solve the issue. But, the process might seem long and cumbersome for you. In this instance, you always have the option to approach a professional technical support for help

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