SmartDNS for bypassing GEO locks

SmartDNS for bypassing GEO locks

American television portals such as Hulu, Netflix or NBC are also very popular in Germany. This is mainly due to the fact that certain US series are often released in the USA much earlier than in Germany. Unfortunately, some US offers, including many Youtube videos, are subject to the so-called GEO-IP filtering.

As a German you are excluded from the US offer because of your location, although many people would be willing to take out their credit cards to see the latest season of their favourite series. GEO blockages can be easily removed with a SmartDNS service without loss of speed.

Fast surfing from Germany with US IP address

  • With a smart DNS server, GEO locks are much easier and faster to circumvent than with a VPN or proxy server.
  • While a traditional proxy server temporarily routes all Internet traffic, the SmartDNS redirects only those parts of the connection that are responsible for location positioning.
  • This allows videos and downloads to roam the line without bandwidth restrictions. However, unlike the proxy server, the user is no longer anonymous, but is only assigned to another country.

While the IP addresses of known VPN and proxy servers are often blocked by American streaming services, a SmartDNS is more fortunate here, since the operators of such a service focus exclusively on bypassing such blockages and test your service for it. Setting up a SmartDNS on a PC as well as on Smart TV’s, such as Apple TV, is very simple and rarely requires special software.

1st place: Overplay

With a server selection from 48 countries, Overplay is the global all-rounder in our list. If you want to avoid GEO blocks on the other side of America and England, you’re in good hands here to watch NFL for example – Rumour has it that the company was recently acquired by VPN provider IPVanish. This is certainly good news for overplay customers: IPVanish is regarded as one of the largest providers in the industry and is technically very well equipped.

2nd place: CactusVPN

The Moldavian company CactusVPN offers a solid and fast service for comparatively little money. Who decides for the VPN variant receives for a small surcharge, beside the SmartDNS service, also a fast VPN service.

3rd place: Unlocator

The Danish provider Unlocator specialises in TV and streaming services for the USA, Canada and England. The website convinces with a multitude of very helpful tutorials for setting up the service, e.g. for smart TVs or game consoles. The website also provides an excellent overview of the available television and streaming channels. If you are looking for a SmartDNS provider for English content, you are in good hands here! Check for a detailed review.

4th place: Invisible Browsing VPN

IbVPN offers its customers a very flexible package offer. If you are not only looking for a SmartDNS, you will certainly find a suitable VPN combination at a comparatively low price.

5th place: Torguard

Although Torguard usually leads our top lists with its VPN offering, this time the service for SmartDNS is at the bottom of the list. This could be because Torguard’s SmartDNS offering is still relatively new (introduced in late 2014). We still lack helpful instructions and a concrete overview of the streaming providers in the individual countries on the website. If you are interested in a secure VPN provider, Torguard is still in good hands!

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